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Eyelash Services

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Full Set 2hour $120/Refill 1hour $60

Classic eyelash extensions are the original form of lash extensions! We apply one extension to each natural eyelash of the client to ensure longevity and an even application. This is the most natural style of eyelash extensions as it is only one single eyelash attached to each of the clients natural eyelashes. We think this is the best way to start for clients who are new to eyelash extensions!

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Full Set 2hour $130/Refill 1hour $65

Volume eyelash extensions are the most popular option for clients looking to have extensions! We attach small fans of extensions to each of the clients natural eyelashes. The look of volume eyelash extensions can be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual client. From looks that are softer and more natural, to looks that are more bold and glamorous, this style tends to meet the needs of most clients that wish to have eyelash extensions. This style includes hybrid eyelashes (a mix of 50% volume fans and 50% classic extensions).

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Full Set 2hour $140/Refill 1hour $70

The most full and fluffy eyelash extension experience! This is for the clients who wish to have the fullest and most glamorous eyelash extensions available! This is a much more dramatic and elevated look for clients who are in love with the look of full lashes!

Mini Eyelash Extension Refill

$40 for 30min

This service is perfect for clients looking to quickly touch up their lashes. The Mini Fill is perfect for quickly adding some additional lashes before a special event or day. This service does not replace a regular fill as we only have time to add lashes, not remove/replace grown out lashes.

Eyelash Tint

 $20 for 30min

A very natural service. This is best for clients who love the length and shape of their natural eyelashes, but wish they were a bit darker to be better seen. This service darkens natural eyelashes so that clients eyes appear naturally more defined!

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