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Brow Services

Brow Wax

30min $25

Shape and clean brows. Define your features naturally with our quick and easy brow wax service.

Brow Tint

15min $20

Define your brows! This service is perfect for a naturally defined look. Tinted brow hairs appear fuller and better shaped. This quick service is a great and affordable way to naturally define your face!

Brow Lamination

45min $65

Relax and lift the brow hairs! This service expertly places brow hairs into a more lifted position. Whether your brow hairs are more coarse and need taming, or your brows are sparse and need filling, this quick fix service can improve how manageable they are! This service gives a naturally lifted look to the entire face.

Brow Wax and Tint

45min $39

Perfect together! This paired service saves clients money who are looking to both wax and tint their brows. Save time with brows that look clean and defined naturally!

Brow Lamination and Tint

1hour $80

A match made in heaven. These two services paired together gives a full definition to the brows along with a natural lift and shape. The effect is the appearance of filled in and gelled brows effortlessly!

Full Brow Service (Lamination, Tint and Wax)

1hour $99

The full package in brow services! This package offers the most savings. Brows look defined, shaped and voluminous every day on their own.

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