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What you should know!

Our business means the world to us and our loyal clients. This section outlines the important policies and practices we have in place to protect our business to continue to serve you best. Our policies are at our discretion to create and modify as we see fit.

How do I book?

Book using our "Book Now" page. Our full schedule and availability is up in the Square booking site. Clients select a service and time slot then pay for their appointments.

Is prepaying required?

Prepayment for appointments is required to reserve a selected appointment. If clients wish to prepay in person with cash or through e transfer, they may arrange to do so.

What is the cancellation policy?

We ask that you cancel appointments no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment beginning. Appointments canceled before the 24 hour mark are granted full refund of prepayment. Appointments canceled closer than 24 hours ahead of time are not guaranteed any refund of deposit. This is at the complete discretion of Rayne Fisher (owner).

What if I am late to my appointment?

If you are running late, please inform Ciao Bella Beauty Bar by either calling or texting the number. You will receive a call from us after 15 minutes if you have not arrived or reached out. If you do not respond or show up at this point, your appointment is canceled and you will have to book another appointment to be able to receive your service or treatment. The client is responsible for paying for this appointment and will not be able to book again without doing so.

Above all else, respect is the most important requirement of service providers and clients. Respect of all clients, their time and their wishes is non negotiable. It is the discretion of Rayne Fisher to decide if a client is no longer a good fit at Ciao Bella Beauty Bar. No service provider is to tolerate abuse of any kind. If there are any problems with the policy, please speak with Rayne Fisher (owner). Each new client will be asked to fill out a short consent form to ensure safety and a full understanding of all expectations and procedures prior to their first service. 

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